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Code4Cops is “THE ONE STOP SHOP FOR COPS!” Our sole focus is to take care of Law Enforcement and their families. With this in mind we have created a way for you to save money on your 4 most valuable and desired assets. Real Estate, Automobiles, Recreational Toys and Clothing. 

Don't settle for less... LIVE, DRESS & DRIVE with the best!

Blue Line Suits: David August dresses some of the most influential people in the world, now Code 4 and David August have teamed up to dress those that serve them.

Real Estate: Professional representation by fellow "cops" that make sure you are not getting ripped off and save a ton of money by not paying extra unnecessary fees.

Automobiles: Pre negotiated pricing exclusively for Law Enforcement and their families.

"Toys": Looking for an RV, travel trailer, boat, motorcycle etc? No need to look further we've done the work for you!

Most important, Code4Trader and its preferred vendors donate a portion of all proceeds back to Cops4Causes, the first non profit law enforcement organization that gives back to us!

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